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Question for rat owners.

My rat, Jasper, has been very aggitated as of late. Even if I let her out to play she seems to not have enough to occupy herself with. This may be because of her intelligence coming from the private breeder, but it's really causing some trouble for me! I don't have the money to get a big elaborate cage to transfer into with an assortment of toys to keep my two girls busy. Well, this seeming... lack of entertainment for Jasper has turned into a common fixation for rodents. Chewing.
I remember having a hamster when I was young and I'd give it colored/flavored blocks of wood that it would chew on. I am not certain if this works for rats- even though it might be advertised to do so.

So I have a question for those personal rat owners, for those who have rats that like to chew, what do you give them to gnaw on? -OR- How do you make them stop the habit? (Since Jasper chews on her cage and the noise tends to keep me up at night.)

Thanks in advance for your help! Please respond even if you're unsure about your response. Any suggestions will help!!

May rats be with you! >`-`
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