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When the Cat's away... [entries|friends|calendar]

When the cat's away...

...the Rats will play.

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New Member + Two Boys Urgently Need A Home [June 5th, 2008]

I am new to the group but have had rats for 13 years and have been breeding for 4 years. I love all my rats and actually have two litters (Dumbo, Black Hooded, Black Hooded Down Under, and Tailless) due at the end of this month. But I am not making this post about my rattery or even about my rats.

I am posting about two male rats that were recently abandoned at a Petco in El Cajon, California that urgently need a loving home.

The story is, they came from a girl who claimed to have got them from a lab or something like that. She wasn't too sure herself. The girl told Petco that they were "zebra" rats. But her story is very far from the truth. These poor males were either shaved or had chemical hair removal to have a zebra patterned coat! Because their hair has yet to (and may never) grow in they are stuck with missing chunks of coat and Petco doesn't know what to do with them.

I am reaching out in hopes that these to males will find themselves a loving home were they can be treated, rightfully, as family members.

wanna play.

Help me!! [January 28th, 2008]

[ mood | hopeful ]

 I was just wondering if someone could help me with this..
Treat and toy help!!

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=[ [January 28th, 2008]

[ mood | hopeful ]

 Yesterday we took Bandit back to the pet store![[They have a vet hooked onto there, its PetsSmart]]
But anyways she hasn't stopped sneezing, and yesterday I noticed her nose was bleeding.We were gonna take her to the vet today with her sneezing but once I noticed the bloody nose I had to take her somewhere asap.
So we took her back there and they said hopefully they will nurse her back to health....
I'm hoping we get her back, bc I miss her already.I'll let everyone know when I do.

If we do have to get another rat, will it be easy to bring a new rat home to the one we already have?I've never had to do that before, and I'm just curious.  

wanna play.

hammock [January 25th, 2008]

[ mood | cold ]

Yesterday my boyfriend and I bought a hammock for the rats.
[[Its really big and it takes up the whole upper half of the cage.I don't like it but I was in a rush to get one.So its my fault!]]
But anyways they really don't go in it much.They sleep right next to it, but they don't sleep in it.Is that weird?!? 

wanna play.

Smokey and the Bandit. [January 22nd, 2008]

[ mood | tired ]

I know your probally thinking I'm lame bc I picked names that went together, oh well.So yeah Smokey and the Bandit are names of my new rats.Their both girls and their both 3 months old, and yes we did get them together.They aren't my first rats, I did have one before and she was amazing.Since she died I've wanted more, and my boyfriend finally got them for me.

And I do have a question about umm sneezing.I did read about it and they said sneezing is normal but constant sneezing isn't.And Bandit is always sneezing, could it be bc they are in the attic with us  and its dusty up here?
Well I think thats it for now.
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Hairless Rats [September 24th, 2005]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hi, I guess I'm new, so ... *waves*

I've had a few rats in the past, along with my sister. I really love them. But a friend of my sisters just got a hairless rat,and I have no experience with them whatsoever. Does anyone here have one? The friend was told that hairless rats need to have a heating pad. Also, she's been told a couple of different life expectancies. Do they live as long as a normal rat?

Yeah, I googled it, but so far I haven't really found much. So, any information whatsoever would be great :)


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Sydney Animal Rescue [April 28th, 2005]

(Apologies in advance for shameless promotion.)


A community to advertise, or adopt, unwanted animals in Sydney. From dogs and cats to mice and rats, all are welcome here.
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Rats [April 9th, 2005]

[ mood | hopeful ]

A mother and father rat were rescued recently along with a litter of babys in Detroit Michigan. The babys are albino, 3 weeks old, and in need of homes. Mom is about to have another litter (through no fault of the woman who rescued them) as well. We need homes for these babys! Anyone interested?

wanna play.

[March 16th, 2005]

A friend of mine who used to breed still has a few rattie's left over who could use homes. She goes to collage now and it's difficult to give love to so many rats when your busy! It was a case of "well I just can't give this one away.. or this one.. or this one.. etc" lol, if I bred I'd probably have trouble giving up the babys to. But she wishes these rats to have homes where they may be spoiled! So if anyone is in the Fogelsville Pennsylvania area here is who is available for adoption at a fee of 10 dollars per rat:

Her Rats:

1 year old
Beige hooded

8 months old
Russian blue hooded rex

The Rescues:

1 year
Black berkshire dumbo

Female 1 year
Black berkshire

1 year
Fawn berkshire
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Question for rat owners. [March 4th, 2005]

[ mood | curious ]

My rat, Jasper, has been very aggitated as of late. Even if I let her out to play she seems to not have enough to occupy herself with. This may be because of her intelligence coming from the private breeder, but it's really causing some trouble for me! I don't have the money to get a big elaborate cage to transfer into with an assortment of toys to keep my two girls busy. Well, this seeming... lack of entertainment for Jasper has turned into a common fixation for rodents. Chewing.
I remember having a hamster when I was young and I'd give it colored/flavored blocks of wood that it would chew on. I am not certain if this works for rats- even though it might be advertised to do so.

So I have a question for those personal rat owners, for those who have rats that like to chew, what do you give them to gnaw on? -OR- How do you make them stop the habit? (Since Jasper chews on her cage and the noise tends to keep me up at night.)

Thanks in advance for your help! Please respond even if you're unsure about your response. Any suggestions will help!!

May rats be with you! >`-`

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Two more mods [February 19th, 2005]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I'm proud to say we have 46 members already to our forum. I do however still need a mod to who will specialize in answering questions in the Diet & Feeding section and a mod who will specialize on the Care & Well-Being section. If you are interested please IM me on AIM instant messenger at Darksong17.


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New Rat Forum! [February 17th, 2005]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Join us? =)


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Proud to be a rat owner [February 17th, 2005]

[ mood | happy ]

Hi. I believe this is my first time posting. I have 3 rats...2 females at home named Samara and Iolanthe(pronounced I-oh-lanth-ee) and a little boy here at school named Squish Face aka Ducky. My roommate also has a rat and is getting another. The three boys are going to live together. yay.
I realized I was a true rat owner when I seperated my clothes for my wash by colours and then redivided it by which ones had extra food stains on the collars and which ones just had pee on them.
I was really glad the cheese (from my mac and cheese piece I gave to my little boy) came off the collar in the wash.

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[February 16th, 2005]

[ mood | relaxed ]

Well, I haven't introduced myself here, so I guess I will now.

My name is Jodi, though online I generally go by Skwerl. I'm a major rodent person. My favorite animals being mustelines and rodents.
I love rats. I have had an attraction towards them for a long time, and only recently have I been able to start getting rats as pets- not needing my mother's consent anymore, and really not caring if the creatures make her uncomfortable.
Currently I have 2 rats. I have a brown and white female rat that came from a private breeder named Jasper. Jasper is incredibly tame and well-mannered, and when upset she will lick instead of bite. She's energetic, intelligent and inventive. Coming from a private breeder, her genetics aren't all muddled, so she is capable of doing some pretty amazing things. I used to have a metal wheel in her cage that came pretty close to the top of the aquarium. I watched her mess with the wheel for awhile trying to get on top so that from there she could find a way out of the cage. When she discovered the wheel would spin no matter what, she took her ceramic dish and pushed it against the will so that the wire bars would catch on the rim of the dish. I'm proud of her, but frustrated at the same time. I have to go to extreme measures just to keep her in the cage! Oh, and Jasper is also leash trained. I use a leash meant for ferrets that is constantly adjustable so I can change the size of the harness as she gets older. ^^;;
My other rat is a little white one I rescued from a pet store. Having experienced a black and white rat, a brown and white rat, a black rat, I decided it was time for an albino! She was a cheap little feeder, last left in her cage and I felt sorry for her. She bit the store clerk when she was removed, which made me hesitent about her temperment... but I took her home anyway. I kept her in a seperate cage near Jasper's until the two rats became accustomed to one another and then moved them into the same large aquarium cage. I named the albino Xena, but I intend to change the title when she gets older and bigger. To this day she has never bitten me but she is a bit slow. Though I didn't expect much from a poor inbred albino at a pet store. But I love her and take care of her never the less. Xena doesn't like leashes, but is shoulder trained. She also enjoys snow. On warmer days during the Minnesota winter I take her outside while I shovel and let her perch on my shoulder.

My rats of the past was, my first rat, a black and white female named Jenner that I got from my boyfriend at the time and after Jenner died I replaced her before my mother noticed and said "no more rats!" and got a mainly black, white chested rat that I named Plague. Plague and Jasper lived together shortly, but Plague developed a strange skin disease where she broke out in itchy scabs. I had to keep her in another cage, but she started to become violent and angry and eventually I had my sister put her down and her body was used for my sister's Ball Python. A sad way to go, but then again I believe that at least the snake got fed. *shrugs.*

Anyway... I know my introductory is super long, but I figured you guys wouldn't mind, since there hasn't been that many posts to the community yet. :D

I think we should start a thread where we can post pictures of our rats (for those that own them). I don't have pictures of Jasper or Xena on my computer yet, but I'll get around to it eventually. Not having a digital camera makes it more difficult and time consuming. Heh.

Well, feel free to comment and such. I'd love to chit chat. *grins like an idiot.*

wanna play.

The rats discover a new skill... [February 16th, 2005]

[ mood | cranky ]

Which is escaping from their cage...grrr (in the middle of the night only!)

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Hello all! [January 27th, 2005]
[ mood | artistic ]

Hi there! My name is Niki and I live in Portland Oregon and I have A hairless rat named Ren. Ren was a gift to me from my boyfriend and I love him. I want to find Ren a room mate and I am not having any luck. I was hoping that someone on here could help give me some places to look. I have tryed pet store out here but have had no luck. thanks :)

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Pet Rat Packet =) [December 31st, 2004]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I have created a Pet Rat Informational URL Packet. This contains URLs to many sites and even some of my own tidbits are thrown in along the way. There are two versions that I can email to you. If your computer supports Microsoft Works Word Processor I can send you the advanced version in which the URLs are clickable. If not I will send you the simpler version in which the URLs are highlighted but must be copied and pasted into your web address bar. Here is a list of the sections in the packet, they are put behind a cut to save space.


Read more...Collapse )

Anything I left out is probably stuff I included myself, little tidbits of information I typed in on my own from my own experience and learning. If you are interested in this packet please comment with your email address and specify which version you would like. If you do not specify which version I will automatically send you the simple version. Also, if a particular version does not work for you don't be afraid to ask for the other one I will not be annoyed at all! Same goes for if I send you the wrong one or it doesn't send for some reason. Also foxfirefey has been kind enough to host my packet on her website so you can now go there instead! It may not always be as up to date as the ones I send out because I do add to them occasionally but if you would like to take a trip to her website to see it instead of having it sent to you go to (http://www.skittisheclipse.com/rats/ratinfopacket.html). A big thanks to foxfirefey! =). Feedback is always appreciated, thank you ^^

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I just want to say... [December 25th, 2004]

...how much we love our rat :-)
Dimmu is the friggin' *best*. A female Rex who we got this summer (she was maybe a year at most). The only one with lab eyes in the bunch, and loyal from the damn start. XD When she gets scared and is down the couch from us or on the counter she comes running back from wherever she is, takes a dive, and crawls into our shirt before calming down and popping her head back out to look at us to see if everything's okay. Dimmu = Love. ♥
+1Collapse )
//Glass(Your Mod ;-))
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