Jakk Jei Mori (jakkismagic) wrote in theratswillplay,
Jakk Jei Mori

New Member + Two Boys Urgently Need A Home

I am new to the group but have had rats for 13 years and have been breeding for 4 years. I love all my rats and actually have two litters (Dumbo, Black Hooded, Black Hooded Down Under, and Tailless) due at the end of this month. But I am not making this post about my rattery or even about my rats.

I am posting about two male rats that were recently abandoned at a Petco in El Cajon, California that urgently need a loving home.

The story is, they came from a girl who claimed to have got them from a lab or something like that. She wasn't too sure herself. The girl told Petco that they were "zebra" rats. But her story is very far from the truth. These poor males were either shaved or had chemical hair removal to have a zebra patterned coat! Because their hair has yet to (and may never) grow in they are stuck with missing chunks of coat and Petco doesn't know what to do with them.

I am reaching out in hopes that these to males will find themselves a loving home were they can be treated, rightfully, as family members.

You can clearly see the pattern - To cleanly 'zebra' to just be a double rex

They are being held in the back because the Petco doesn't know what to do. Gladly, they have a rat lover making sure they get proper care while they wait.

The yellow/orange is normal - just boy oils
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