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Smokey and the Bandit.

I know your probally thinking I'm lame bc I picked names that went together, oh well.So yeah Smokey and the Bandit are names of my new rats.Their both girls and their both 3 months old, and yes we did get them together.They aren't my first rats, I did have one before and she was amazing.Since she died I've wanted more, and my boyfriend finally got them for me.

Heres the girls.
Smokey.[[My boyfriends rat]]Shes the angel, shes really calm and all she does is give kisses.Its really sweet.
But from what I see Smokey is the one that usally starts all the fights.

Bandit![[My baby.]]Shes the lil devil, she is a ball of energy, she doesn't give kisses like Smokey.However she does nibble.lol.

Now this is funny.We also have a cat names Gizmo, and turns out hes scared of the babies.lol
Heres Smokey, she went to see Gizmo and he got scared.lol

[[I also have a video of this]]
Heres Bandit and him, hes chillin bc he doesn't even notice her.

Thats all for now, I hope you enjoyed them.

And I do have a question about umm sneezing.I did read about it and they said sneezing is normal but constant sneezing isn't.And Bandit is always sneezing, could it be bc they are in the attic with us  and its dusty up here?
Well I think thats it for now.
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