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Pet Rat Packet =)

I have created a Pet Rat Informational URL Packet. This contains URLs to many sites and even some of my own tidbits are thrown in along the way. There are two versions that I can email to you. If your computer supports Microsoft Works Word Processor I can send you the advanced version in which the URLs are clickable. If not I will send you the simpler version in which the URLs are highlighted but must be copied and pasted into your web address bar. Here is a list of the sections in the packet, they are put behind a cut to save space.


Your Pet Rat: Includes choosing and obtaining a pet rat, rat facts, rats as pets, FAQ's, and information about rescuing rats.

Feeding: Includes an excellent cheap diet for rats that can be made at home from simple groceries (Suebee's diet), forbidden foods or foods that are toxic to rats, the best lab block available, and a good water bottle product.

Good Treats and Chews: Includes some good treats and chew objects for rats.

Cages: Includes a cage vs. aquarium analysis, top 10 rat cages list, a rat calculator that will tell you how many rats you can comfortably fit in your chosen cage, a link to the most recommended rat cage of all, cage cleaning, and how to build your own rat cage.

Bedding: Includes good bedding vs. bad bedding, safe bedding FAQ, and litter training.

Health: Includes two links on how to put together a rat medicine cabinet, a respiratory illness severity and treatment guide, a drug usage chart for rats, how to give injections, two links to how to trim teeth if needed, how to safely restrain a rat, a link to a veterinary pet insurance website, tips on bloating, vet trip tips, many links on the deadly respiratory illness mycoplasmosis/myco, porphyrin and what it means, general health information, choosing a vet, a link to a product which is small animal feeding syringes that are great for giving medicine or weaning, some information on tumors, how NOT to let your vet euthanize your rat, the rules of picking a rat up by it's tail, and information on what illnesses can be passed from humans to rats and vice versa.

Behavior: Includes introducing a new rat to your other rats, training and playtime, types of rat bites, how to spot an angry rat, nipping, rules of the rats and how to avoid being bitten, you shouldn't feed rats through the cage bars, understanding your rat, and rat body language and squeaks.

Gender and Reproduction: Includes should you breed rats, breeding information, and how to sex rats.

Playtime: Includes rat games, rat games and toys, and a link to the Wodent Wheel website which is a specialized wheel for rats and other rodents with tails.

Lost and Found: Includes tips on finding a lost rat.

Rattie Forums: Places to talk about rats and ask questions.

Rat Types and Coat Colors: Includes three links to websites with pictures and descriptions.

Good Online Stores And Product Sources: Includes links to online stores with good small animal supplies and other website with rare small animal supplies.

Informational Sites In General: Includes many links to good all around informational rat websites.

Reviews and Recommendations: Includes links to websites that have reviewed rat products and cages so you know what’s good and what’s not.

Rat Names: Includes two links to websites which have compiled a large list of nice rat names for you to choose from.

Anything I left out is probably stuff I included myself, little tidbits of information I typed in on my own from my own experience and learning. If you are interested in this packet please comment with your email address and specify which version you would like. If you do not specify which version I will automatically send you the simple version. Also, if a particular version does not work for you don't be afraid to ask for the other one I will not be annoyed at all! Same goes for if I send you the wrong one or it doesn't send for some reason. Also foxfirefey has been kind enough to host my packet on her website so you can now go there instead! It may not always be as up to date as the ones I send out because I do add to them occasionally but if you would like to take a trip to her website to see it instead of having it sent to you go to (http://www.skittisheclipse.com/rats/ratinfopacket.html). A big thanks to foxfirefey! =). Feedback is always appreciated, thank you ^^

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